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What People Are Saying…

Julie and Brent Tietje, Seller Client
You did such a thorough job!!! We love the house even more now!

Reol Combe, Out of State Buyer Client

Thanks Tiffany for doing such a good job and making it so easy! We do appreciate all the time and info you’ve passed along. We’re so glad we picked you!”
Ambre and Dannie Tandy, Buyer Client
“Tiffany helped me find my home. At the time I’d shopped around with different Realtors®, but in the end she was my #1 choice and found me what I wanted. I would use her again if I wanted to sell or would recommend her to a friend. Thank you.”
Linda Farley, Buyer Client

“Tiffany is the BOMB!! The best in Austin! Thanks again for all you did for our family to help us find our house while we stayed in Austin! I am very thankful we have a nice place and we are all very excited about moving. We are back in Ohio now and ready to start packing so we can move down there in February. Your family is awesome!! Can’t wait to get there and beat you and your husband at Scrabble and get into some more good conversations. Thanks for all you’ve done for us!!” Nate Anderson, Relocation Client

Tiffany helped us accomplish Mission Impossible! My husband and I realized at the beginning of summer 2012 that it was time to move to a large space to accommodate our growing family. Not only that, we wanted to flip our current home in to a rental property so that we could keep it as an investment. We wanted to do it while the kids were out of school, so we knew we had limited time to accomplish the impossible before the new school semester started. Tiffany listened to what we were looking for and respected our budget for which we were looking to stay within. She went straight to work in finding us homes to review and visit. She maintained multiple conversations with my husband and I connecting via text, cell, and email. She was always available and her experience shines through her work. She is completely up to speed with NOT wasting anyones time by using the online DocuSign program, this made signing documents and going through the legal papers a BREEZE. Not only did she help us find our dream home, our first home was rented out within a week of it’s listing and is currently under a 2 year rental agreement! After living in our new home for about 3 months now, I could not imagine being this blissfully happy at how it all turned out without the help of Tiffany’s Properties. Her experience and knowledge of home renting, purchasing, and selling is unmatched in what we saw with other realtors or have heard through our friends/peers experiences.

JC and Chris, Landlord and Buyer Client

“I had a wonderful experience with Tiffany Chance from beginning to the end. I liked that she has a lot of experience and ideas about how to get a house ready for sale. She quickly recommended home improvements and repairs that would be cost effective and make my house more competive with existing homes for sale and new homes for sale.

She staged the house with her furnishings at no charge and marketed the house on popular websites.

Since I was not happy with the current market prices, we put the house up for lease. She did the background checks, took care of all the details, and provided a lease agreement for the tenants and myself to sign.

I have a lot of admiration for Tiffany’s expertise!”
Alan Nelson, Seller/Landlord Client

“Thanks again for all the hard work. So glad we used you!”
Jennifer and Kenan, Buyer Clients

“Thanks again for all your hard work~look forward to getting it closed Monday.”
Kima, Realtor/Seller’s Agent

“Thank you Tiffany for all you’ve done for us so far – you’ve been amazingly patient with us and it is greatly appreciated and we look forward to your continued knowledge, assistance and expertise in selling our two homes. You have been a valuable resource to us in this process and allow us to be comfortable and at ease around you – which is huge when we are trying to make a major life decision. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
Dan and Aileen, Buyer and Seller Clients

“I just recently closed a mortgage for one of my customers and Tiffany was their realtor. Tiffany was very thorough, detailed and responsive to both my and her customer’s needs. As such, the transaction went very smoothly. She is truly an advocate for her clients and I would highly recommend her as a realtor”
Todd Hallberg, Residential Mortgage Lender

When we first started looking for a realtor we started right where you’re looking now, the internet. Mainly we wanted to see what everyone else was saying, and the fact that we’ve yet to hear a realtor say anything but positive things about themselves. Our theory was if we can find a realtor that has a long list of happy clients, well maybe we can also become a happy client. That’s when we found Tiffany.

To be fair, we not only found Tiffany utilizing the same online resources you’re using today, but we were able to narrow the choices down to (5) realtors. Each looked to be a perfect match for our personalities as well as desired knowledge of the areas we wanted to purchase in. However, Tiffany was the only one out of the “perfect 5” that didn’t have that same old Olan Mills real estate/sports agent portrait that would make you feel a little dirty just to look at it. You know what I’m talking about. The picture that realtor looks like they’re part of some secret society of super heroes. Arms folded, with that steely look of overdriven, unqualified self-confidence, with a hint of desperation. And always in THAT JACKET, like they’re part of the NFL Hall of Fame or something, but not Tiffany. She reminded us of, well, us.

After a simple email to Tiffany explaining who we were and a brief synopsis of what we were looking for, she quickly jumped into action faster than a Jimmy Joh’s delivery driver. Before we knew it, she’d sent us a list of houses to consider. And consider we did, she humored us as we visited around 30 (or so) houses. Always ready and willing to show us the next one on the list, and then take us back to ones we’d already seen (and uncrossed off the list). To say we were picky would probably be an understatement, but she was totally game the entire time, no matter what. In the end, we found the house we were looking for. As a matter of fact, I’m typing this review in the office of that house.

Here are the facts, finding a great realtor to help you through the process of finding a home is essential. It’s as important as buying the right house. We couldn’t have done it without Tiffany. So, if you’re like my wife and me (and I assume you are as you’re online reading reviews of realtors), you’ve found her. It’s Tiffany Chance. I’m totally confident that she’ll help you find the house you want, where you want to find it. You won’t regret the decision, I know we don’t.

In closing, I will share two things with you. My wife and I have one regret, we found our house and don’t get to hang out with Tiffany as much as we used to (several times a week and every weekend). Secondly, you’ve got to appreciate the fact that Tiffany has never put Give Tiffany a Chance or Take a Chance with Tiffany on any business cards or realty signs yet. That alone should be reason enough to have Tiffany represent you as your realtor (not to mention, no realtor jackets).

Stacy and Sara, Buyer Client

“Tiffany was a great help in getting us our new home. The e-mails sent with houses that matched our search criteria were quite helpful. There we could look at more specific details of the house, save our favorites or even delete ones from the list that we just didn’t feel would work. In just a few short weeks we went from just starting the process to getting ready to close!

“My husband and I were looking for a decently priced rental home. Tiffany suggested several properties for us and we were able to find a perfect home on our first trip to view homes! Tiffany is very prompt and gets the job done! I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks so much, Tiffany, for making this a easy process!”
Ashley Buckles, Tenant Client

“I have worked with Tiffany on several Real Estate transactions. Her clients are always well informed and happy when they come to the closing table. She is on top of what is going on in the market and very well educated about her field. I would recommend Tiffany to anyone buying or selling a home.”
Melissa Maio, Escrow Officer at Reliant Title Co.

“My fiance and I are getting married in less than a month and were looking for a house. Tiffany is awesome! She has shown us many houses in such a short period of time and really worked with what we wanted in a house and community. She was great about emailing and calling in a timely manner, along with making sure we were comfortable through the whole process. I would recommend Tiffany to anyone who is looking!!”
Sarah Hunter & Jay White, Buyer Clients

“Thank you so much for everything. We are so glad we had the opportunity to work with and get to know Tiffany Chance. Thanks so much for considering our two wild boys and what they are going through with this crazy move and hotel stay and suggesting such great ways for them to have fun. I will definitely share your cards and your name!”
David & Tina Blair, Buyer Clients

“Tiffany, we are very excited to get our house on the market and to be working with you! I’m checkin’ out your new sign, right in my front yard! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you….it’ll be sad that it’s going to be so SHORT! THANK YOU!!”
Suzanne Craig, Seller Client *Sold in less than 14 days!

“My wife and I went down to Austin last year, as we were looking to relocate to the area. We found a few names in the phone book and gave Tiffany a call. This was the best move we could have made. Tiffany was there to drive us around and show us the area, as well as show us houses. She was a joy to deal with, as she was extremely knowledgeable. She is down to earth and will work incredibly hard for you. If you are in the market for a house or if you are looking to sell your house I could not recommend anyone more than Tiffany. Thanks Tiff, for all of your help.” Shawn and Marcy Novo, Buyer Clients


“Hey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you are doing! You have been amazing and so helpful. I know this journey hasn’t been one of your smoothest or shortest but I am more than grateful you agreed to do this. You have helped educate me and keep me sane on soooo many occasions. You are truly a wonderful friend to me as well as an exceptional Realtor!!!!” Jessica Meadows, Seller and Buyer Client



Tiffany is a very friendly and motivated real estate agent. I recommend to everyone who wants to buy or sell a home in Texas. Tiffany is willing to help you find your dream home with her knowledge and her experience.
Lisa & David, Buyer Clients



“Many thanks for your diligence and focus. Very much appreciated. The technology you use is amazing. Thanks for keeping us updated.”
Steve Meadows, Current & Seller Client



“Hi Tiffany! Thanks so much for everything you did during the house buying operation and even for choosing Max to remove the jacuzzi and dirt. I appreciate all your efforts and patience! The repairs, painting… & all the rest is going well. Once the major things have been fixed I’ll let you know so can visit us and see the changes. My best regards for you and your family.”
Maria Boetsch, Buyer Client


“My husband and I were looking to buy for the first time and Tiffany was the first agent we met. Even at the first house, she was very friendly and informative. Throughout the weeks, she had lots of patience to help us with searching for our new home and then going through the process to make it ours. She was with us every step of the way. Tiffany is a great agent. Thank you!”
Krissy and Matt Wells, Buyer Clients


“It was a long journey! You have what it takes to work with clients under pressure. We appreciate your patience, advice, and serenity, making the whole process less stressful. We definitely made the right choice having you as our agent. Many thanks, Tiffany, for your assistance.”
Mariangela Estaba, Buyer Client



“Our family was looking for a house in Austin, but at the time living 19 hours away made it seem impossible to find a house and nice neighborhood for our children. Tiffany was wonderful; we saw approximately 16 houses in two days! She helped us find a wonderful house in just the location we were looking for. We would e-mail or call her on the phone at all times during the day and evening and she would be available anytime we needed. Thanks to Tiffany, our 19 hour drive was worth it when we arrived at our new house.”
Amanda Anderson, Tenant Client & Assistant


“Dear Tiffany, Thank you so much for overseeing the painting while we were gone on summer vacation and for meeting with Bear Repair and Remodeling to do the walk-through after the work was done. I look forward to getting the house on the market.”
Angie Meadows, Seller Client



“Thank you for all your help and hard work. I will give you a call on my next house, and if I know anyone who needs to sell I will definitely recommend you.”
Telesforo Miranda, Seller Client



“My fiancee and I started looking for a house, not knowing the whole process. We went through 2 agents before we got fed up with them just wanting the commission. We called Tiffany and it was the best choice we had made all year!! She is the most informative person I have ever met and I felt comfortable with her as soon as I meet her. Tiffany, thank you so much! I dont ever think anyone will forget the Delaughter file. I hope to keep in touch! If anyone ever needs to find a home or property I will definitely tell them about you!!”
Miranda Morales, Buyer Client


“Dear Tiffany,
We want to thank you for all your help in the sale of the house. We appreciate everything and we’re glad it’s over. Good luck in the future.”
Doug and Sherri, Seller Clients



“Hi Tiffany, I came across some research that shows you are a top producer and are in the top 15% of agents here in Austin. We would love to have someone with your skills.” Amy, Realtor®/Broker



“You are an awesome mom, daughter, worker, boss, friend, and woman. I am honored to have been a part of your success.”
Kelly Hollinghead & Pat Hollingshead, Seller and Buyer Customer (Estate/Trust Transaction)



“I have found Tiffany to be a professional and personable real estate agent in the Austin metro area. Coming from a real estate background, she understands the needs of her clients, whether buying or selling. She is innovative and a go-getter. She makes it her business to stay on top of what’s currently going on in the market to be a well-educated resource. You can’t go wrong using Tiffany in any real estate transaction.”
Leigh Hilliard, Realtor®


“Thanks for sharing the Mother’s Day cards with the library patrons. They were a HUGE hit. We ended up sending our spares home with a field trip from Cactus Ranch Elementary School as well. We were able to set things up so the kids could “surprise” their moms with their selected cards. I believe the older kids were set up to sign the cards before presenting them to their moms. All in all, a great treat for everyone.”
Andrea Warkentin, Youth Services Librarian, Round Rock Public Library


“It was great meeting you today, and we really appreciate the card donations! The kids (and parents) are going to be so excited about them! Thanks again!”
Kristin Grance, Children’s Librarian, Wells Branch Community Library




“You blessed us with beautiful Mothers Day cards in May. I just wanted to thank you so much for blessing the residents with them. You don’t know how much joy that brought my sweet ladies. They still play them every time they have a visitor come see them. Thank you again.”
Hannah Polk, Activities Director, Pflugerville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


Hi Tiffany, I received your creative real estate Open House/Art Showing. Your advertising is so unique!!!
Donna Zeller, Associate



Dear Tiffany, Thank you for meeting with me on Monday. I appreciate the information you shared and look forward to working with you again.
Regina Weeks, Realtor®




I’ve done some photography work for Tiffany and her business. She’s pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable in her field.
Lacey Dowden, Photographer




Tiffany is a valuable source for any potential client or business partner.
Ben Marsh, Associate




“I recently worked with Tiffany on a foreclosure sale. From a Realtor’s perspective, working with Tiffany was an absolute pleasure. She was knowledgeable, available, very patient, understanding, quick to respond and easy to work with. I have worked with many realtors and she is truly a professional. I would highly recommend Tiffany and look forward to working with her again.”
John Little, Realtor®