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Why use a Realtor®

You don’t have to take my word for it!
  • “A broker can assist you in locating a property, preparing a contract or lease, or obtaining financing without representing you.”
  • -Information About Brokerage Services, by the Texas Real Estate Commission
  • “Even though the Internet gives buyers unprecedented access to home listings, most new buyers (and many more experienced ones) are better off using a professional agent … who will have your interests at heart and can help you with strategies during the bidding process.”
  • -CNN Money, Money 101 – Lesson 8: Buying a home
  • “Most experienced real estate agents are in the business full-time, so they acquire knowledge every single day. The business of buying a home is complicated, filled with paperwork; it requires expert negotiations and there are often small problems which, if left undetected, can easily blow up into proportions so huge that your entire transaction could be placed into jeopardy. My advice for first-time home buyers is to hire a buyer’s agent to work for you. In almost every instance, the seller pays the fee for your buyer’s agent, so it costs you nothing extra.”
  • Guide, By: Elizabeth Weintraub
Preparation For Sale
There are many steps to the home buying process and one mistake could mean big dollars. Your Realtor® is skilled in recommending qualified lenders, reputable inspectors and/or repair personnel. This will save you time and maximize your efforts in finding a new home.
Expert Knowledge
A Realtor® can take care of the details.
Your Realtor® has the most up-to-date market knowledge for pricing and financing homes and knows the terms and condition of competing properties in your area. It’s their business to know things like new developments expected in your prospective neighborhood that could impact your new home purchase.
Viewing Homes
A Realtor® knows the Central Texas home market.
Purchasing your new home is a huge undertaking for which most home buyers simply don’t have the time to drive around and look at every house. Your Realtor® not only has the time and resources, but also will know best how to write, present and negotiate your offer. Occasionally your Realtor® will also use their personal networks to find your perfect home.
Buying a home involves many steps and a myriad of professionals – from inspectors and appraisers to repairmen and title companies. Your Realtor® will help you coordinate this complex process, connect you with service providers they know and trust, and ensure all aspects of your home sale are compliant with real estate law.
A Realtor® has the professional resources.
Real estate transactions are complex, and negotiations occur at many steps throughout the process. Realtors® not only have the experience and expertise to know when and how to negotiate within the transaction, they are also trained and experienced in objectively evaluating offers from buyers.
Time Savings
A Realtor® has the experience and expertise.
In choosing to work with a Realtor®, many consumers are concerned with one thing: time. Is it possible to find the information needed to buy or sell a home on your own? Sure. But the time required to educate yourself on real estate law, research home values and trends in your area, manage inspections, appraisals and repairs, create and distribute marketing pieces, make yourself available for showings, coordinate all the paperwork for closing and complete the many other activities related to selling a home is overwhelming and unrealistic. For most consumers, it is simply not worth the time required.