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Sell your house in 60 days or less
or we will sell it for FREE!

That’s right, no commission. If we don’t sell it, you don’t pay our commission.

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Why 60 Days? 60 Days gives us time to get your property listed, promoted and sold and often times it sells much quicker but this adds a little cushion since we’re taking a huge risk of not getting paid. Depending on your specific location, homes currently sit on the market for much longer than 60 days. Our proven system will identify within that 60 day period all of the active and interested buyers for your house. Ask someone who’s been on the market for 6 months (or more) how much fun they’re having or if that’s what they expected when they listed their home.
Risk Free Initial Meeting – “FREE no pressure” meet and greet to discuss your property.
We offer all clients an easy exit listing and if your not satisfied with the services I offer you can fire me on the spot.We are so confident in our ability to get your home sold for top dollar within 60 days that we put our necks on the line. If we can’t get your home sold at a price you agree to within 60 days, we’ll sell it for free. No commission and no advanced fees of any kind.
Communication Guarantee I’ll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. You may have a home that shows great and sells for top dollar or you have to sell for less and/or you may need to do repairs, updates or staging to improve the value of your home.
Shared Risk Can you afford to take the risk of hiring the wrong agent? Even when they do a bad job they still get paid! Is that right? We put our money where our mouth is. Tiffany’s Properties is so confident that they can sell your house Fast while getting top dollar that if they can’t, they’ll sell it for free. That’s right you don’t have to pay Tiffany’s Properties.
Not Sure? Feel free to contact us any time to chat. Don’t be surprised if you call during odd hours and we answer. We’re always going to satisfy the needs of our clients. There’s never any cost or obligation to talk.
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National Association of Realtors, Home Buyer Statistics for 2010:
Active home buyers search for 12 weeks and see 15 homes.
50% of buyers are first time buyers.
The median age of first-time buyers is 30 years old and the median age of repeat buyers is 49 years old.
The sales price was 96% of the list price.
Informational sources used in home search:
Internet 74%
Real Estate Agent 69%
Yard Sign 22%
Open House 12%
Newspaper Ad 9%
Home book or magazine 6%

Disclaimer: This is not a guarantee of acceptance into the program. Acceptance is at the sole discretion of the agent and each situation will be evaluated individually. Anything agreed to must be written into the listing agreement.