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My Home Value

Texas has strict non-disclosure laws that are in place to benefit the tax payer. Many times people look up tax records or go to sites like to find property value but Texas is a non-disclosure state and the county is not automatically given sales records of your home purchase. So even if you just purchased your home for $250,000 it might be valued by the tax assessor for less. The good news is that if your property is taxed on a value higher than sale value it is simple to dispute, but it won’t automatically be taxed on full sale value.

The downside, as a home seller, might be a delayed sale or none at all. Consider the following: if you owned your home for several years and went through the normal appraisal process yearly and the market value had increased faster than the taxable valuation, the buyer purchasing your home would be hit with a increase in taxes. This would cause the buyer to pay higher property taxes each year.

While Central Appraisers would love full disclosure, some believe that non-disclosure does little to benefit the average homeowner and instead is a boon to commercial and luxury home owners.

Since we are a non-disclosure state, appraisal districts have to “guess” the value of homes. That’s a lot easier to do when you are looking at middle class neighborhoods where the homes are largely the same. But it is a lot more difficult to do the same in high-end, luxury communities. As a consequence, higher end homes and commercial properties may not be taxed at their true values.

How much is my property worth?