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Things to Know

The Selling Process
Before meeting with your Realtor®
Get an extra key made to put in a lockbox
Find your property survey
Have a copy of your most current Mortgage Statement
Look up the name and contact information for your Home/Condo Owners Association
If you have septic, have your Septic Certification paperwork
Call, text or email Tiffany Chance to schedule an appointment to discuss marketing plans
Review the Pre-listing packet
Read and Acknowledge Information About Brokerage Service
Read and Acknowledge Sell Your Home More Efficiently
Read and Acknowledge Disclosure of Affiliated Business Arrangements
Fill out the Seller’s Disclosure
Fill out Request For Information From An Owners’ Association (If you have an Owners’ Association)
Fill out Request For Mortgage Information
Read and review Seller’s Authorization to Release and Advertise Certain Information
Read and review T-47 Residential Real Property Affidavit (This will need to be notarized, if you have a survey)
Read and review the listing agreement
Meeting with your Realtor®
Initial Meet and Greet
Discuss Marketing Plan
Come to a mutual decision about whether you want to work together
At this stage you will either continue or part ways
Sign listing agreement
Take your T-47 Residential Real Property Affidavit to be notarized (If you have a survey)
Preparing for your home to be SOLD
Free Staging/Re-decorating Assistance
Professional Photographs
Introducing your home to the area specialist
Professional, experienced Realtor® representing you
MLS where over 8,000 Realtors can view your property and up to 25 photos
World Wide Web/Internet on over 30+ websites
E-mail: Virtual flyer to other area Specialists including: Realtors, Title Reps, Inspectors and more Referral Sources
Social Networking
Realtor Property Tour to showcase your home to other local Realtors®
Place a GE/Supra Lockbox on your door. (Preferred by most Realtors® and offers security and peace of mind for you.)
Announcing to the public that your home is for sale
Buyer-friendly website with home search, map, QR codes, and more.
Reflective “For Sale” Signs for easy viewing both day and night
Tall white signposts to raise the sign higher for maximum visibility
Upgrade/Enhance your home’s listing on
Full Color Flyers/Brochures, inside and out
Open Houses with 20 directional signs for maximum traffic
Direct Mail
Just Listed/Open House postcard
Virtual Tour/YouTube Video
QR Codes on website and flyers
Keeping you informed
Instant Feedback from showing (if showing Realtor responds)
Bi-Weekly Showing Activity Report to view increase or decrease in showings
Monthly Market Update to keep up with the changing market
Separate the lookers from the buyers
Confirm Urgency and/or Motivation
Confirm Down Payment
Arrange Mortgage Pre-approval
Professionally present the special features
Explain the benefits
Point out the features
Watch for buying signals
Ask for an offer to purchase
Handle all the details
The option of paperless transactions through virtual signing (e-signatures) and email
Negotiate offer into contract
Arrange Financing
Notify Title Company and Lender
Provide current sales information to appraiser
Follow Through on Closing Details
Review HUD-1 Statement prior to closing
Supervise the closing
Concierge Services One-stop-shop
Home Warranty
Additional Services
*Your final lender charges will not exceed the Good Faith Estimate or AmeriPro will credit the difference
*Final loan figures will be available to the settlement/title company no less than 2 business days prior to closing or AmeriPro will credit you the difference
*On Time Closing Guaranty or AmeriPro will credit you $250.00
*Submit a complete loan application to AmeriPro Funding and receive an estimate from AmeriFirst Insurance and for this you receive a $100 Home Improvement Gift Card.
After the sale
Complimentary consultations on any real estate questions
Annual market analysis of your home (upon request)
All our concierge services and discounts listed on our website
Copy of your survey and inspection on file at our office
Home maintenance tips
Free use of our fax (if needed, call ahead)
Free use of our Internet access (if needed, call ahead)
Any new services we might add
Home of the first reflective real estate yard sign made from recycled materials!